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Hey friends! Happy Friday! With a week away, we are in the single digits in the count down to Christmas! I am so excited! I love the Christmas season!  For those of us living in the deep south, it means that we finally get a much needed cool down.  I know nothing of harsh winters, but our summer heats are brutal and winter allows us sometime to slightly forget how hot it gets here!  Blahaha!  It's also a time to spend with family and friends cuddling and making memories.  AND it is a time of gift giving...and this girl loves some gift giving!  Speaking of...I hope that you found our House Plus Love gift guide helpful in your holiday shopping this season!  I loved putting that guide together and y'all seemed to love it too, so that will for sure be a new annual addition to our blog!  For those of you who are late shoppers and are still searching for a unique and precious gift, I thought I would do a little more up close review of a popular item from our gift guide! Drum roll please...the Brite Lite Box!  

Brite Lite Box Office

The Brite Lite Tribe is a super fun new brand that provides a colorful selection in neon lights and brite boxes!  I'm an 80's baby.  Anybody else remember the glory days of Lite Brite!?!  Well, the Brite Lite Tribe is your 80's and 90's loving dream of today!  This light box is my childhood dreams come true...exactly what my 80's heart wants in a light box as an adult!  It comes in several colors and allows you to illuminate your expression!  With letter packs in multiple colors, emojis, and symbols, your options in lighting up your thoughts are limitless!

I joined the Brite Lite Tribe and have used mine to add even more spunk to the new House Plus Love office!  I am even planning on incorporating it into my artwork and hanging in on the wall. Wouldn't that be such a cute addition to the gold dotted walls!  But also how cute would the Brite Lite Box be as a night light for your kiddos!?! I think this light box is perfect for all ages!  

Brite Lite Box Office

If you think the Brite Lite Box is just as cool as I do, then today is your lucky day!! For one, we are hosting a GIVEAWAY over on our House Plus Love Instagram!! You could be the winner of your very own Brite Lite Box!  The winner will be announced Sunday so go enter to win! Secondly, the Brite Lite Tribe is offering the House Plus Love readers a little special coupon code for 10% off your order!! Use code: WINTER10. Hooray!! So go check out the Brite Lite Box and join the tribe!! 

Brite Lite Box Christmas
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