One Room Challenge - The Final Reveal!

Hey y'all! Well, we made it! After six weeks of planning, painting, designing, shopping, placing, fluffing...we have finally reached the big reveal! This has been an exhausting last couple of weeks but also incredibly rewarding! It was just the push and motivation we needed to get at least ONE room in my parent's new home FINISHED! I am thrilled with the results and better than that, my client (aka my's opinion doesn't really count) LOVES IT! The last two days, as I was finishing up the space we just sat in the room and stared at its beauty! It is the perfect blend of my personal funky style, yet sophisticated and clean for my mother!  So for one last time, let's do a little flash back to where we started...

ORC House Plus Love Before

Oh man, I am SOOO glad we have moved on from that space!! After gathering inspiration, I settled on a colorful resort vibe! I mean, since it will be MY room when I stay over, I thought I should pretend I was on vacation! Mom gave her blessing and we were off to the races! Here is the overall plan I came up with for the transformation..

ORC House Plus Love Plan

Several things changed since the creation of this vision board and several things changed last minute, but overall I think I was able to capture the overall vibe! You have waited 6 weeks for it and here is where we ended up! Drum Roll please....time to REVEAL!

ORC House Plus Love Bedroom 1
ORC House Plus Love Bedroom 2
ORC House Plus Love Pillows
ORC House Plus Love Pillows 2
ORC House Plus Love Side Table
ORC House Plus Love Dresser
ORC House Plus Love Dresser 2
ORC House Plus Love Dresser 3
ORC House Plus Love Dresser and Chair

SOURCES: Dresser - Vintage, Local, and Painted at Southern Antiques and Accents // Chair - Vintage and Local at Kaglen's  // Lamps - Vintage and Local at Antiques at the Loop  // Gold Pouf // Flamingo Artwork // Elephant // Mirror - Local at Antiques at Loop

ORC House Plus Love Mirror
ORC House Plus Love Round Mirror

OMG! Well, there you have it!! We have come such a long way! I can't believe the transformation myself! I love this room and so wish it was in my own home! One day when mom isn't looking, I am packing it all up and hauling it to my house!! If there is anything I missed with providing a source, just let me know and I'll be as helpful as possible! 

My first experience and transformation with One Room Challenge has been amazing! I have loved meeting you here every week! I hope that you would continue to keep coming back every week because I am going to keep the renovation train rolling and move right along to my parents kitchen and be sharing the process along with other projects with you weekly! So come join the journey as I add love one space at a time! 

Linda with Calling it Home has outdone herself with this One Room Challenge event and I am now hooked! This certainly isn't my last challenge! But be sure to check out the AMAZING transformations and reveals with the featured designers from this week! And also be sure to check out the other guest participants spaces! There is a whole lot of beautiful spaces happening on the Calling It Home blog you will not want to miss!!