One Room Challenge - Wrapping It Up!

Hey y'all! We are almost there, we are almost at the finish line! This One Room Challenge has been just that, a CHALLENGE! Holy guacamole, I never would have thought that this would have been as hard as it has been! Every week has come with it's own set of setbacks and victories! I have so enjoyed sharing them with you week to week! After this challenge is over, I am going to keep this renovation ball rolling and week by week share with you more of my own House Plus Love home and more of my parents! I hope that you will continue on this paint rolling, furniture finding, and transformation happening journey with me! Which brings me back to the challenge at hand! 

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and remember the good ol' days! The days of pink carpet and a lack luster guest bedroom.  This space is nestled in my parents new home and will be MY room when and if I visit (seriously I am there everyday...but I also only live 5 minutes away, soooo).  Since this was the only space in their new home I could easily stamp with my personality and style, I jumped at the chance to design the room! And when mom gives you the go ahead and states "you can do anything you want" (I am pretty sure that's what I heard...I think), you don't think twice! So their new guest bedroom became my mission!  To refresh your memory here is the dreaded before...

ORC House Plus Love Before

Wowza, we have come a long way since then friend!  Since then we have painted furniture, made custom bedding, shopped til we dropped, changed our minds, and changed them back, all in the name of design!  This past week I finally finished the painted vintage dresser!  I had a little hiccup with the painting process but after consulting with a furniture painting pro, I found the holy grail of glossy furniture when using latex paint!  Enter POLY ACRYLIC in clear gloss...boom, you're welcome! After using my handy dandy sprayer, my high gloss latex paint just was not the sheen I was hoping for.  Once the beautiful turquoise paint dried completely, I painted Poly Acrylic over the entire surface with a fine bristle brush.  It is self-settling, clear, and high gloss.  It worked like a charm! Left me with that glass-like lacquer finish! We got our gloss on y'all! I'm so GLOSSY. You already know. Okay I'm done.  So operation turquoise vintage dresser was a success and DONE! 

ORC House Plus Love Glossy Dresser

This week we also checked off a few other things on the list! Mom hemmed the curtains from Pottery Barn Teen.  I LOVE these curtains and highly recommend them if you are looking for a ready made drapery! They are velvet but don't look heavy and have blackout lining! I always order longer than I need so you can have them hemmed to the perfect size; giving you that custom made look and giving you the freedom to hang the rod HIGH. Always hang your rod higher than you think! So draperies are hemmed, ironed, and hung...DONE! I also started pulling together accessories! Honestly, this is my favorite part! Accessories are always necessary and can either make or break the space! I am still waiting til the last second to place everything in just the right places because I always love to feel the room out before placing the "jewels" of the space! 

So what's left to do? I still am on the hunt for the perfect lamps! I need 2 sets.  I have options, they just aren't speaking to me yet (if they ever do actually speak, y'all can take me to the loony bin).  Anywho, lamps. Must find lamps.  Secondly, I need to finally pull/cut off all the painters tape.  Because why in the world have I managed to wait til now!  I have to rope my Dad into raising the headboard.  I have to make a final decision about art/shelf on large blank wall and hang it!  And lastly, I need to style the space and take awesome photos so I can blow y'all away next week! Here's a little sneak peek for ya! 

ORC House Plus Love Details

So that's it folks! We are so close I can taste it! I can't wait to show this one to you! Thank you all so so much for following along on this journey with me! I have so enjoyed see new faces around these parts! 

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As always, join all the fun by checking out the featured designers this week! I am blown away by these spaces!! I am so excited to see all the beauty that awaits us next week!! And also be sure to join in on the other guests much goodness happening there!! Thanks for tuning in this week!! Hugs! 


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